Covid-19: the appeal of our indian friends

Over the past few weeks, we have constantly been receiving updates on what’s going on in Jamkhed, where GICAM should have gone at least twice more this year. Here’s the latest news.

“It was mid-March and business was in full swing. Jamkhed’s Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) was doing its utmost with numerous surgical patients, receiving national and international guests, the preschool programme, and sustainable development programmes thanks to agriculture in the villages and harvesting on the farm. Unfortunately, however, Covid-19 stopped this exceptional flurry of activity in its tracks!”

Sadly, Jamkhed quickly became one of the most critical outbreaks in the state of Maharashtra, which was already recording the largest number of positive cases in the country.

CRHP staff and management then had to immediately mobilize to tackle the pandemic by turning their attention and resources to supporting local authorities and surrounding rural communities.

Below is a detailed document on the work our colleagues in Jamkhed are doing and the preventive measures they are implementing in collaboration with the political authorities.

If you would like to help CRHP buy the necessary medical supplies, you can do so through GICAM’s accounts, putting COVID-19 India as a reference. Thank you for your support!

IBAN CH63 0024 7247 1668 1760 T for payments in EURO

IBAN CH36 0024 7247 1668 1701 D for payments in CHF


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