Covid-19 situation

Dear friends of Gicam!

The global pandemic has greatly restricted freedom of movement between various countries and this applies to humanitarian missions as well. We completed two missions to India in February 2020, and both were very successful in terms of patients operated on and functional outcomes achieved, especially with paediatric patients.
We are staying in constant contact with the hospitals where our teams are meant to be deployed in the period April-December 2020, so we can evaluate the local conditions and intervention possibilities together, including in light of the rules that the Swiss government is implementing.
Our great hope is that the virus will not reach the populations we have been helping for many years and who are already facing difficult conditions due to a chronic lack of adequate health care.

We know we can always count on your support and so we believe it is our duty to keep you informed about current programmes and future activities.


Best wishes to all of you,

Marco Lanzetta, President of GICAM

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