Covid-19 in India and Burkina Faso

In these difficult times, our thoughts are with two countries we visited in recent months and we have asked our partner doctors there to tell us about their experiences in the current health crisis.

Dr. Eustache Kalmogho, chief surgeon at the Paolo VI hospital in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) tells us: “We are currently trying to reduce the number of surgeries and save the operating rooms for urgent cases only. We have six infections among doctors and nurses, while patients are being treated at the Blaise Compaoré Hospital. For now, the situation is under control and we are considering using certain drugs usually indicated for other diseases.” The precautions recommended by local government are similar to those in Europe.

The CRHP in Jamkhed (India) is also on the front line against covid-19. Although the hospital does not have the facilities to treat coronavirus patients, love and selflessness towards their afflicted community has prevailed. The management and all the staff have made the facility available to accommodate patients from the region arriving by bus from various villages.

We at GICAM are proud of the efforts of our colleagues and support them, keeping them in our hearts and in our prayers.

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