“Club dei 100 – Club of the 100”: enrollment continues

Some of you will have already heard the news about the “Club of the 100”, an initiative launched at the end of 2019 that aims to bring together 100 friends of our association. By signing a numbered card, members commit to making an annual donation of CHF 100.00. All the membership donations together will enable us to collect CHF 10,000.00, which will be used to fund the first GICAM mission of each year.

During our last gala at the Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, several of our supporters followed up on our proposal and have been waiting for their cards ever since.

We wish to apologize for the significant delay in sending these out. Unfortunately, we are now dealing with the current situation with the coronavirus, on top of the technical difficulties we experienced during the early months of the year. We will get the cards sent out as soon as possible.

Are you already part of the “Club of the 100”? If not, get in touch – there are still cards available.
For information: info@gicam.ch

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